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President Jiang on Work After China's Entry into WTO

President Jiang Zemin stressed Monday that China's entry into the is a historic step in the process of reform and opening to the outside world.

He said that China must improve its overall national strength and international competitiveness, establish and perfect the socialist market economic system, and safeguard its security and fundamental interests.

"International Situation and WTO" Seminar Fruitful

Jiang made the remarks at the closing ceremony of the "International Situation and WTO" seminar for key leaders at provincial and ministerial levels. He said that China must improve its overall national strength and international competitiveness, establish and perfect the socialist market economic system, and safeguard its security and fundamental interests.

The five-day seminar, held by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), closed Monday. Li Peng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee presided over the seminar. Other senior leaders including Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Wei Jianxing, and Li Lanqing also attended the ceremony.

Eight students spoke at the seminar. They said that after five days' study and discussion, they have a clearer understanding of the current international situation and of why the CPC Central Committee made the strategic decision for China to enter the WTO.

Positive Attitude Should be Taken At New Starting Point :Jiang

  • Deepen the Reform and Increase Opening up

    Jiang, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, pointed out that the entry into the WTO marks a new phase in China's opening up to the outside world.

    "We should deepen the reform, increase our opening up and take a more positive attitude to the outside world at this new starting point," said Jiang, adding that efforts must be made to adapt to economic globalization, and to continue to push forward all-round, high-level, and wide-range opening up and provide powerful drive for the economic development of our country."

  • International. Cooperation and Exchange of Great Importance

    He stressed that international cooperation and exchange on the economy and technology have become more important for the economic development of every country. China must establish an efficient system and mechanism, create a favorable economic and social environment for opening up to the outside world, which is very important for cooperation.

    "The development of China's socialist market economy, the all-round opening up to the outside world, and our huge potential market, are the most powerful driving forces of China's entry into the WTO," said Jiang.

  • Measures Should be Taken to Promote Industries and Business

    He also asked leaders at provincial and ministerial levels to make scientific analysis and get a complete knowledge of the opportunities, challenges, advantages and disadvantages brought by China's entry into the WTO.

    Measures should be taken to promote China's industries and businesses in improving their competitiveness, as well as its industrial restructuring and technological upgrading, Jiang said, who also called for the establishment of a series of large groups and multinationals with international competitiveness. He asked for nurturing medium and small sized enterprises with international competitiveness.

  • Governments' Efforts Should Be Promoted

    "The entry into the WTO requires governments at various levels to noticeably improve their way and methods of managing economy," said Jiang, stressing that the training of special personnel is very urgent.

    Jiang said that pushing forward reform, opening up and socialist construction under the WTO situation is new to the whole party and it is also a new challenge.

    "As long as our comrades work together, we are sure to make the most of all opportunities brought by the WTO entry and push forward the reform, opening up and modernization drive," said Jiang.

    Product Quality An Essential Part: Zhu

    Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji also made a speech at the seminar. He asked businesses to take product quality as an essential part of their work, for only high-quality products can reach and be accepted by the international market.

    Zhu Rongji urged departments and local governments to work together to promote a steady and healthy development of the national economy.

    (People's Daily February 26, 2002)

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