Macao to Build Third Cross-Sea Bridge

New Bridge to be Opened in 2005

Traffic congestion which comes along with a growing number of residents and vehicles in Taipa on the existing two bridges will be eased somewhat when the new bridge opens to traffic in early 2005, as scheduled.

The majority of Macao people are still settled in Macao peninsula while Taipa island now accommodates the Macao International Airport, University of Macao, a large stadium, a horse-racing ground, three casinos and a number of residential quarters.

The third bridge, with a length of roughly 1.2 kilometers, will connect the western parts of Macao peninsula and Taipa island and open to traffic around the clock with a second fully-closed floor poised for hits by typhoon, earlier reports said.

Requirements to the Bidders

Macao Daily News said bidders would have to submit their plans on the bridge's major part and approaches, relevant designs and term of construction ahead of June 13, the deadline.

While local construction companies are lack of strength themselves, they are expected to seek overseas allies for the bidding, it said.

The huge labor force demanded for the project will be local, something that is tipped to draw down the city's unemployment rate -- which now perches at 6.5 percent.

Traffic Pressure to be Eased

Macao and Taipa were linked up by a two-lane bridge as early as 1974, greatly boosting development of the island. Traffic pressure was alleviated to a great extent in 1994 when the second cross-sea bridge was open as in the 1980s, the old bridge was hard to support increasing traffic.

(People's Daily March 21, 2002)