Ancient Capital Discovered in Henan

Shangyang Town, capital of Guo State in China's ancient Zhou Dynasty (BC1,000.-BC771), returned to the spotlight after being buried into oblivion for more than 2,600 years, according to archaeologists' announcement Monday, January 8.

Chinese archaeologists, who have been searching for the site for past 50 years, recently located the ancient capital in Sanmenxia City in central China's Henan Province.

The discovery unearthed very sophisticated architecture with a well-developed water supply system and remains of copper refineries, pottery workshops and grain depots.

A collection of cultural artifacts excavated from the ancient site made the discovery very significant in China's archaeological history.

Guo State was an important vassal state in China's Zhou Dynasty, dating back some 3,000 years ago. The exact location of the Capital of Guo State was a pending archaeological task for many years.

The recent discovery will facilitate research on the development and evolution of ancient Chinese cities and provide vital physical evidence for scholastic studies on the Guo State.

(People’s Daily 01/09/2001)