New Law to Protect Internet Copyright

China is going to make a revision of its Copyright Law in the following six aspects to better protect the interests and rights of domestic and foreign copyright owners and govern Internet infringement, according to Wang Huapeng, director of the copyright department of the National Copyright Administration.

Relevant amendment draft has been submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for consideration.

Wang revealed that the current Copyright Law will see some new regulations added into it for the protection of Internet copyrights to increase the rights of authors in the Internet era. The amendment stipulates that rights of Internet authors shall be listed as an individual right, and any one who cancels or alters the author's works without permission shall be deemed as illegal. No permission shall be given to those who decipher encryption set by copyright owners. To ensure the solemn dignity of the law and carry it out strictly, Internet copyright infringers shall have to bear punishment by the administrations in exception to civil liabilities.

The amendment will also improve the relevant contents of the property rights under the existing Copyright Law, defining the 10 rights as follows, copy, publishing, leasing, exhibition, public performance, dissemination, video-taping, revision and translation and the right of compilation.

Intensifying punishment against serious infringement also constitutes a very important part in the amendment draft, said Wang. In addition, regulations on lawful compensation and evidence liabilities will be added to the new law. Copyright owners can apply for suspension of being infringed before filing lawsuits to the People's Court, Wang added.

The existing Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China was promulgated on September 7,1990 and entered into force on June 1,1991. According to statistics, by the end of 1999, courts at various levels have heard and concluded a total of 30,091 cases on intellectual property rights including 3,411 copyright infringement.

Ten provinces including Jiangsu, Sichuan have set up their anti-piracy federations to better protect the copyright law.

(People's Daily 01/12/01)

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