Police 'Hotmail' Hot in Beijing

The Beijing police "hotmail" has received more than 200 communications, including 69 e-mails, from local residents since it was opened a month ago, a spokesman with the Beijing Public Security Bureau said Tuesday.

The bureau has classified all the communications, and dealt with those within their responsibility, while sending others to the relevant departments for resolution, the spokesman said.

Beijing citizens reported clues to robberies, prostitution, sales of fake certificates, pornographic VCDs and security breaches.

The police "hotmail" was opened for the public to report on criminal and security issues in the capital, and mails to "Mailbox 110" are free. E-mails can be sent to www.bjgaj.gov.cn. The police have promised to keep all information and details of the senders confidential.

(Xinhua 02/20/2001)

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