Pajero Driver to Claim Compensation from Mitsubishi

Li Zhiming, a victim of Pajero in south China Changsha City said Tuesday that his lawyer will send a letter to the Mitsubishi office in Beijing, claiming 2 million yuan (US$241,000) in compensation for the losses he has suffered.

He had an accident caused after the brakes in the Pajero automobile he was driving failed two months ago.

Li said that if the Mitsubishi side refuses to give a clear response, He will have no choice, but to resort to file a lawsuit, the letters says.

December 25 last year, the car's brakes failed on his Pajero, which forced the car to go out of control and injure a passerby named Lu Hui, who has not recovered consciousness yet and has cost over 160,000 yuan for his medical care.

According to the 49th article of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumers' Rights and Interests, Mitsubishi company has concealed the defections in Pajero's structure, and therefore failed to fulfill the obligation that it should inform honestly to its' clients of the products' quality, the letter says, demanding that Mitsubishi should pay Li twice the money he paid to buy the car.

(Xinhua 03/07/2001)

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