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UNFPA Praises China's Family Planning Policy

Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, newly-appointed executive director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Tuesday in London praised that over the past 20 years, China has seen notable achievements made in population control by implementing the family planning policy. It has thereupon played an active role in curbing the population growth across the world.

During an interview in January when taking up her post of the UNFPA executive director, Ms Obaid told the journalist that China, having adopted practical measures in accordance with her current situation, has scored remarkable achievements in population control. In recent years, the UNFPA and China have carried out a series of favorable and positive cooperation with more than 100 cooperative items of assistance established in the country. The cooperation involves birth control and health care for women and children, studying and producing of prophylactics and contraceptives, collection and analysis on population statistics, education for population awareness, and training for professional staff, etc.

Ms. Obaid said that due to different religious belief and social-cultural background, countries have different viewpoints with regard to birth control. People should have more dialogues and communications with one another by finding a solution most suitable for their own domestic situations.

(People’s Daily 03/15/2001)

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