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Concert of Three Top Tenors Attracts Artists' Attention

A concert featuring the three top tenors in the world: Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, will be held in Beijing and has attracted wide attention from the Chinese artistic circles.

The concert will be staged in Beijing on June 23, according to sources.

The Chinese people have long dreamed of being able to invite the three world-famous tenors to perform on the same stage, some Chinese artists told Xinhua.

"When you become old, you can tell your children with pride that you have watched the three tenors sing on the same stage," Ying Ruocheng, a famous artist and the former vice- minister of Chinese Ministry of Culture said. "It is a rare opportunity for anybody."

The special place for the concert has become the focus of public attention, according to sources.

The Forbidden City, which used to be a royal residence, has been regarded as a symbol of oriental culture.

The cream of western art will be closely integrated with eastern cultural spirit, which will bring the concert incomparable taste and charm, experts noted.

Experts also believe that the concert will enhance the exchange between Chinese and foreign artists.

"Now it's time to rejuvenate our opera and we should take this opportunity to make our own singers go public," said Wang Shiguang, former president of the Chinese Central Opera Theater.

"Many Chinese have shown strong interest in opera, and can hum the songs sung by the three tenors," Li Guangxi said. "The concert will definitely boost the development of this noble form of art in China."

The date scheduled for the event exactly coincides with the Olympic Day, and the concert has been designated as an activity included in Beijing's ongoing Olympic bid drive, sources said.

(People’s Daily 03/27/2001)

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