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Special Mobile Phone Launched for Deaf & Mute

A kind of mobile phone specially designed for deaf and mute was launched Wednesday by China Mobile. The company contributed 220 such phones to China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped including 100 for the deaf and mute in Taiwan.

Wang Guangying, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Ismail Amat, state councilor, Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme, Sun Fuling and Luo Haocai, vice-chairmen of CPPCC National Committee, attended the contribution ceremony held on Wednesday.

So far as we know, China has 20 million deaf and mute people. They are unable to enjoy the mobile phone facilities before the invention. To let them enjoy this state-of-art means of communication, China Mobile, on the basis of STK multi-function card, jointly developed the "Global-Love Card" with other domestic websites. The card has been added with the graphic function in sending gesturing language and Chinese shortened message. Once charged with electricity, a flash will appear on the phone-panel, which enables the deaf and mute users to communicate easily.

(People's Daily 11/02/2000)

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