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Foreign Universities Eye on Chinese Market

Representatives from universities all over the world are in China, trying to attract China's best and brighest to their institutions. Tens of dozens of colleges are taking part in the China International Higher Education Exhibition Tour which is travelling the country and has just been in Beijing.

China Radio International reports that thousands of young Chinese people, some with their parents, looked enthusiastically at the opportunities for studying overseas.

Each stand, set up by different universities, was surrounded by dozens of pairs of eager eyes.

And, the smiling recruiters made no secret that they were pleased. They represent over 160 institutions from 22 countries and regions, providing detailed information to potential students.

Among them was Ireland's Education and Science Minister, Doctor Michael Woods. "A lot of good things are happening here in China. A lot of developments. And I think education will be very important in the development of China. And I think people here recognize that, and are open and go to other parts of the world."

Doctor Woods is signing an agreement with China on Monday to expand educational exchanges for teachers and students, and to recognize qualifications internationally.

Meanwhile, going abroad to study is growing phenomenon.

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges, which organised the exhibition, says 300-thousand Chinese went abroad to study in the two decades from 1979, when China began its economic reform and opening up.

And the number is increasing rapidly.

On average, each Chinese student who goes to study overseas must cough up around 200 thousand yuan, or about US$ 25 thousand.

And given that China has the world's largest population and people are prepared to fork out for their children's education, it' s no wonder countries like Ireland are trying to do everything possible to attract Chinese students.

"We are improving our visa arrangement to make it simpler to get the visas, to make the time shorter, and to faciliate the students in any way we can."

That was Ireland's Education and Science Minister Doctor Michael Woods.

After the United States, Chinese students' number one destinations are Britain, Canada, Germany, France and Australia.

(People's Daily 02/20/2001)

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