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Research on Dunhuang Studies to Be Digitized

Lanzhou University, one of the most prestigious universities in northwest China's Gansu Province, is planning to build a database on Dunhuang Studies.

The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and will be carried out by the university's research institute on Dunhuang Studies.

Zheng Binglin, a famous Chinese expert on Dunhuang studies, stressed the importance of a database and information collaboration in the research on the 100-year-old branch of learning in the new millennium.

Digitized materials and references that are now in archives will be used for the further development of Dunhuang studies, Zheng said.

At present, China has the world's richest treasury of documents and data on Dunhuang studies. Over 10,000 historical documents discovered in the Sutra Cave are housed in China, and the country also has film of 50,000 other documents scattered overseas.

The database will provide comprehensive information on the area of study, featuring fresco paintings and sculpture structures as well as documents, research results of Dunhuang studies and related experts and organizations in the field.

The computer data will help Dunhuang researchers worldwide to access detailed information in the sector via Internet. The database can reveal the original color and appearance of the Dunhuang grottos and frescos from ancient times.

(People's Daily 03/11/2001)

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