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Overseas Schools Aggressive in Sichuan

Barely did the International Higher Education Exhibition end in early March in Chengdu, the British Education Exhibition also made its debut in the capital city of Sichuan Province lately.

The embarking of more and more overseas higher learning institutes in China's market has aroused wide concern. Some people argue that this may cause a brain drain and education fund losses.

But an authoritative person in charge of Sichuan International Education Association is somewhat optimistic when echoing the concern. He said that this phenomenon should be approached in the long run and people should keep rational over the ever-increasing fervor of studying abroad.

In recent years, China's economy is turning for the better, family income has been growing. People are showing increased interest in intellectual investment. A private-run company proprietress told news reporter at the International Higher Education Exhibition that she sent her daughter to a British middle school last year, the annual expense for her daughter is 13,000 pounds. This year, she plans to send her son abroad. She believes it is the safest investment way to put family savings into children's education, it is worthwhile as long as my children can fulfill their study abroad, she said.

Experts in Sichuan education circles said that many overseas universities wishing to attract Chinese students to study abroad are an inevitable trend due to China's education reform and open-up. It will be of great significance for us to learn experience from foreign countries in school management, curriculum institution and specialty arrangement. Meanwhile, it will also help raise competition awareness for universities in the province. Local analysts also pointed out that studying abroad per se is not the ultimate purpose. The goal of studying overseas is to return to make contributions in the motherland. Many overseas students have come back home to pursue careers thanks to preferential policies and more opportunities provided, this has set a very good example for us.

(People's Daily 03/20/2001)

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