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China to Put First Maglev Train Into Service Next Year

After China completes its first magnetic levitation train, when would it be put into commercial operation has become a topic concern of people. A response from the manufacturer is that after conducting various tests it is to be into operation a year after.

According to Mr.Guo, an insider with Changchun Passenger Railway Car Plant, manufacturer of the train, further research and readjustments will have to be made for some parts. However, one thing people pride themselves on in this country is that the maglev train by its design or manufacture is wholly a China make, China has been placed third next to Germany and Japan to have mastered the tech know-how of magnetic suspension.

The 11.2-meter-long and 2.6-meter-wide maglev train can seat 28, with a carrying capacity of 2 tons. It can be elevated 8 to 10 mm high above rail and travels at a speed of 60 km/hour and the highest at 100 km/hour. Riders will find it quite smooth and comfortable, giving no noise and no pollution, which is of great significance for a modern city to solve its traffic problem.

So far, the train is still in Changchun Passenger Railway Car Plant, it will be sent to Southwest Jiaotong University next month to carry out various tests on its performance. A cost of several tens of thousands yuan will be incurred during one year's time of tests. Mr. Guo said that ticket price would be cheaper than taking a ride aboard metro trains after trial run and to the welcome of city people it will run at flying speed, noiseless and giving no friction.

(People's Daily 08/24/2001)

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