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Toxic Chemical Spills in Accident

Twice as much sodium cyanide leaked into a tributary of Hanjiang, a river which evntually empties into the the Yangtze River, as was initially reported.

More than 10 tons of the toxic substance--several grams of which can kill a human--spilled into the river on September 29 rather than the 5 tons reported a few days ago.

According to Jinniu Chemical Factory in Zaoyang, Hubei Province, a truck carrying more than 10 tons of liquid sodium cyanide overturned on its way to Shaanxi Province, spilling all its load.

Thanks to emergency action by the two provincial authorities, no deaths have so far been reported, according to officials.

Police from Danfeng County, in Shaanxi, where the accident took place, have arrived at the factory for further investigation, Beijing Youth Daily reported yesterday.

"The previous amount of 5 tons of sodium cyanide was given by drivers after the accident.

But the delivery notes indicates the real amount was 10 tons," Dan Qianjun, an official with the Public Security Bureau of Danfeng County, was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

(China Daily 10/08/2000)

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