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Shenzhou II in Normal Flight

News from the Beijing Aerospace Directing and Controlling Center shows that "Shenzhou II", the second unmanned spacecraft launched on January 10 from Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center of Gansu Province, has so far orbited the earth 60 times under accurate control. The spacecraft now is in normal flight while space scientific experiment in smooth progress.

It's reported that the Beijing Aerospace Directing and Controlling Center, after the launch of "Shenzhou II", has made continuous tracking, surveying and controlling of the spacecraft through unified management and survey networks.

The center has sent out a series of remote control orders and data, so that the spacecraft has successfully accomplished hundreds of actions like unfolding solar energy collector and posing. During the 14th orbit, the spacecraft successfully entered the preset round orbit.

On the evening of January 12, the Center made a second ignition in the spacecraft engine and maintained the orbit, thus creating a sound condition for its safe return. During the flight, scientific tests on life space environment, space astronomy and physics as well as picture and voice transmission were conducted.

A few days later, the Beijing Aerospace Directing and Controlling Center will closely watch the flight of the spacecraft and change or maintain orbits at the right time, making preparation for the return of the spacecraft.

(People's Daily 01/16/2001)

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