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China Opposes Using Non-Proliferation Issue to Interfere in Its Internal Affairs

The Chinese government strongly opposes the attempt by a handful of US congressmen to use the non-proliferation issue to interfere in China's internal affairs and thereby damage Sino-US relations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi made the remarks Thursday at a regular press conference.

He said that China has opposed the proliferation of weapons of massive destruction, and has strictly and effectively controlled related weapons according to its military trade policy and the policy on the prevention of proliferation, and other related international commitments.

Sun noted that a handful of US congressmen ignored the efforts of the Chinese government in and its contributions to the international non-proliferation issue and attempted to pass an amendment on China's non-proliferation to damage the improvement and development of Sino-US relations. Such actions are doomed to failure, Sun said.

(People’s Daily 09/15/2000)

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