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Human Rights Issues Should Be Resolved Through Dialogue

The differences between China and the US on human rights issues should be resolved through dialogue and cooperation rather than confrontation.

Sun Yuxi, spokesman from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, made the remarks Thursday afternoon at a press conference.

Commenting on the passing of China's Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) bill by the US Senate, he noted that the articles concerning human rights in the bill have nothing to do with permanent normal trade relations.

Sun stressed that China is resolutely opposed to the articles concerning human rights in the bill.

Sun said that the passing of the bill is in the fundamental interests of the people of the two countries and is of great significance to the healthy development of Sino-US relations.

He also expressed appreciation for those Americans who had made a contribution to the passage of the PNTR bill.

The human rights issue falls within the internal affairs of each state, said Sun, adding that now the human rights conditions in China are at the best stage in its history.

China can never accept any intervention in its internal affairs, Sun emphasized.

The spokesman said that China will continue to protect and improve the people's human rights.

(people’s Daily 09/22/2000)

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