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China to Rein in Corruption within 5 Years

An official from China's top discipline watchdog reiterated in Beijing that the country will effectively curb corrpution cases within 5 years as effective legal and structural measures become more perfect.

Li Xueqin of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission noted that the tough measures to be taken in the next five years will exert major influence on corrupt commitment.

Currently, a more-perfect supervision framework is taking shape on the behaviors of all-level government and Party officials, Li said.

Amid the transiton from the old central-planned economy to a market-oriented economy, Li noted, the number of corruption commitment in some areas these years has been increasing.

However, China's heavier clampdown on corrupt officials during the past several years, including the execution of deputy legislative speaker Cheng Kejie, is preventing officials from thinking of corruption.

As a result, Li said, the number of corruption cases in the fields of construction, financiing and government purchasing has dived to the bottom.

Li affirmed that "the rising corruption cases in China will surely dive within the next five years."

(China Daily 01/19/01)

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