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Homosexuality, Mental Disorders?

"Homosexuals many not necessarily be treated as patients of mental disorders", says Standards on Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disturbances in a latest edition in China.

While medical professionals have split on attitude towards homosexuality, and the following are opinions voiced by a bunch of experts specialized in sexual psychology and mental health.

Homosexual is not mental disorder

Mental disturbances and sexual variants are near in meaning, but the former is wilder and more formal. In the past homosexuals were treated as patients suffering from a kind of variant in sexual psychology therefore should see doctors. But no substantial results were achieved from treatment since they refused to cooperate with doctors. More often than not they were pressured by their family to get married or to see a doctor.

After all, homosexual should be categorized as abnormal and therefore be restrained by social regulations if it does harm to others and the society as a whole. Practically, many people hold prejudice against homosexuals for they change sex partners frequently and result in the spreading of venereal diseases.

Homosexual is not necessarily abnormal

Researchers in a one-year-odd follow-up study on 51 cases of homosexuals found out that only six were in need of aid from psychiatrists and the others were all normal in their work and studies. That is, sex between homosexuals is not necessarily irregular, it can only be called mental frustration when it causes anxiety and mental conflicts which affect their life negatively.

Homosexuals form a relatively weak group and their behaviors have been allowed in many western countries. Revision of the Standards is in line with international standards and developing course of society.

Homosexual harms the society

Sex is by no means a private affair and will cast great influence on families and social life. Therefore every country makes marriage law to protect people's physical and mental health, as well as the stability of families and society as a whole.

Homosexuality can cause following harms as: first, it brings severe spiritual pollution, destroys families and disrupts the society, essentially the same with licentious crimes. Second, it damages family happiness, especially for those married and causes suffering to family members. Third, it is a major means of spreading of venereal diseases. Most Chinese people would refuse to take homosexuality as normal and legal, in term of both traditional moral principles and sexual psychology.

Homosexual is rare but natural

Homosexuality is immoral by China's traditional values. But many other acts, such as extramarital affairs and to be or visit prostitute, are also not allowed by moral principles but not treated as mental disorders. After all, medical diagnosis and moral judgment are entirely different in their essence and should not be mixed.

One reason to regard homosexual as morbid is that it is not standard in sexual psychology and behavior mode. But when falling in love they have the same feelings with heterosexuals, with the only difference that they cling to the same sex. There is no fixed standard sex mode so one can not say homosexual "standard" or not.

On the other hand, homosexuals can not be understood and accepted by the society, so they suffer from their being irregular, reject and hate themselves and even turn against the society. They would not suffer so much if they can accept themselves well.

One can not regard homosexual as morbid simply because it runs against human's aim as reproduction. Although they can not produce baby through sex, they are pursuing the same feeling and satisfaction from sex, and in this sense they are the same people with heterosexuals.

(People’s Daily 04/25/2001)

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