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Paralyzed Gym Star Releases New Song

After paralyzed by false landing in the Goodwill Competition in 1998,the pretty gym girl,Sang Lan have been sitting or landing on her bed for nearly four years.

Genus in mind but paralyzed in body,Sang had been seeking alternative ways for new living throughout the past years. She studied nearly all the disciplines a US college student should learn in her hospital ward, and is still pursuing more.

Last month, her new song got highlighted on some native MTV sites. Her sweet smile and sincere voice grasped the listeners and page views as well.

The song, "Fate in love(Yuan Fen)",expressed how grateful the 17-year-old girl was to all the people around her. The music was written by a renowned Chinese musician and the lyrics was written by a laymen, who knew little about music but a lot about Sang Lan's body and mind.

The China MTV website's chart record indicates that the song is winning an increasingly larger audience. Sang Lan said she was happy with that.

"There are too many things we want to convey to the loving people by the music, we--me and Xie,"Sang Lan said.

Xie refers to Xie Xiaohong, the lyric writer and the vice chairwoman of the Chinese Gymnasts' Association. She had been alongside with Sang Lan and giving her spiritual support ever since Sang's accident took place four years ago.

"It took me only five minutes to write down what I want to say in the song and later, that became the fantastic lyrics," Xie said, excitedly.

Xie's voice also appeared in the song, in some parts illustrating her supporting and taking care of Sang Lan.

Sang Lan said she expected their song would bring to people the warm feeling of love, and also the fine, cozy relationship between the people no matter they know each other or not.

(Eastday.com March 15, 2002)

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