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Food Protect Your Health

We clean our houses everyday to keep a clean environment. To keep healthy, the harmful release in the body should be gotten rid of regularly. Besides exercise, an easy way is to take the following food.

Jew's ear

Jew's ear (black mushroom) lives in a cool, wet environment. It can take away the poisonous elements in blood (which are called toxic heat in traditional Chinese medicine), and also helps clear the intestinal system.

A delicious side dish, Jew's ear also can be added to many dishes such as fish, meat, chicken and all kinds of soup.

Green bean

Green bean is famous for its function of detoxification.

Drinking green bean soup with crystal sugar soup can reduce internal heat and get rid of toxic elements inside.

Green beans, cooked and made into a paste, can be wrapped in gauze and applied to the skin to diminish inflammation. Change the paste every our.


Apples are full of cellulose, which can stimulate the intestinal functions. Bowel regularity can prevent toxic elements, which can cause conditions like acne and constipation, being stored in the intestinal system.

(Shanghai Star 02/15/2001)

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