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First TV Series on Confucianism on Circulation

The first TV series on Confucianism entitled "Cultural Giant: Confucius" was recently completed and started being circulated at home and abroad.

Confucius (BC551-BC479), respected for centuries as China's "great perfection, ultimate sage, and foremost teacher,” developed Confucianism during China's Spring and Autumn period (BC722-BC481), a stream of thinking promoting the concepts of benevolence and traditional rites.

The 30-part series, at a cost of 18 million yuan (some US$2.16 million) has collected a great amount of precious documents and data nationwide, enough to present the essence of Confucianism, according to general producer Kong Xiangjin, the 75th-generation grandson of Confucius.

The series has been highly rated by academicians at home and abroad. Professor Du Weiming with Harvard University, a world- famous authority on Chinese culture, hailed the series as an unprecedented grand work in Confucianism and undoubtedly a great contribution to Chinese culture and culture worldwide.

(Xinhua 02/27/2001)

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