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Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult and complicated case for doctors of Western medicine. But Chinese acupuncture has proven effective in curing the illness.

Local acupuncturist of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhao Tiancai, discovered a way to treat the disease, which lads to a painful death.

"I have researched the treatment for the disease since the 1980s," Zhao said. "About 100 Alzheimer victims have been treated in my clinic. The success rate is 100 percent."

Gao Wei, a middle-aged local citizen, was suddenly attacked by Alzheimer's disease the night before he went abroad. He felt dizzy and suffered from amnesia from time to time.

Amazingly, after inserting needles in different points of his body for a few minutes, the symptoms completely disappeared.

"It's really unbelievable, but the next day I took the flight," Gao recalled.

Such cases are common in Zhao's clinic.

"The disease can be cured radically after about 15 treatments," said Zhao. "However, it depends on patients' body conditions."

Zhao inserts needles very casually and quickly, and patients do not have to remove their clothes.

One might worry that he may miss puncture points, with nearly half a century of experience, the points are very familiar to Zhao.

Though he is 78 years old, Zhao examine patients and insert needles by himself.

"I see about 50 patients every day. During peak time, I receive about 80 patients," Zhao said.

The labor is very demanding for acupuncturist, even for young doctors. But Zhao doesn't feel tired, because his body is strong from practicing qigong and martial arts for more than 50 years.

Zhao has opened three clinics in Shanghai, two in the downtown area and one in suburban Xinzhuang. Zhao's four students have opened their own clinics.

(Shanghai Star 03/29/2001)

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