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Domestic Service
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1. Reservation:
Passengers shall take the flight only with their confirmed tickets. Passengers shall make reservation in advance at one of the Booking Offices or authorized sales agents of Air China according to relevant regulations. Passengers are requested to purchase their tickets after making reservations within the specified time limit. Failure to do so may result in automatic cancellation of their reservation.

2. Purchase of ticket:
In purchasing ticket, Chinese passengers shall produce their "Inhabitant Identity Card" or other valid identity certificate and fill in the "Passenger Reservation Record".

Foreigners, Overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan shall produce their valid passport, or "return-home Card", or "Taiwan Compatriot Card", or "Residence Permit" or "Travel Certificate" or other valid identity cards provided by the public security authorities, and fill in the "Passenger Reservation Record".

3. Confirmation of reservation:
Passengers who hold reservation on connecting or returning flights shall reconfirm such reservation at the connecting or returning points not later than 12 o'clock A.M. 2days before the scheduled flight of departure if the stay there is over 72hours, otherwise the reservation would not be kept.

4. Ticket:
The ticket is good for carriage only for the passenger whose name appears on the ticket and is not be refundable if it is transferred, mutilated or altered.

5. Validity period of ticket:
A normal fare ticket is good for carriage for one year from the date of commencement of travel or from 00:00 (zero hour) of the next day of issuance if the ticket is open.

6. Fare:
Fare applied here is the fare for carriage from the airport of departure to the airport of destination. It doesn't cover the ground transfer service between airport and downtown.

7. Child fare:
A child aged ttwo years but under 12 years is charged at 50% of the adult fare. An infant under two years of age without an individual seat is charged at 10% of the adult fare. Each adult passenger is entitled to take only one infant enjoying such fare.

8. Modification:
If a passenger having purchased a ticket wishes to change the flight, or the date of flight, or class of service, requests for such changes should be made to Air China in the earliest possible time. Air China shall provide best possible service upon receipt of such a request.

9. Refund:
If a refund requested a passenger (excluding group passengers) within 24 hours but 2hours before the scheduled flight of departure, 10% of the original fare is charged for such a refund. If a refund is requested within 2 hours but before the scheduled flight of departure, 20% of the original fare is charged. A refund made after the scheduled flight of departure shall be considered as No-Show.

10.Loss of ticket:
Any loss of ticket shall be reported immediately by the passenger to Air China or its authorized agent by writing with sufficient evidence. Before the loss is reported, Air China holds no liability, if the ticket thereof has been falsely used or refunded.

11. Check-in:
Passengers shall arrive at the airport 90 minutes before the scheduled flight of departure and check-in with ticket and valid identity card. Airline will stop check-in 30 minutes before the scheduled flight of departure.

12. No-show:
No-show means a passenger fails to board the aircraft either because he or she has not completed check-in procedure on time, or because his or her travel document does not meet the relevant regulations. Air China undertakes to arrange the next flight for the passenger on request, subject to seat availability, and no charge is collected for such no-show. If refund is requested after no-show, 50% of the original fare would be charged.

13. Health:
Any passenger suffering from serious illness should have a certificate issued by a medical unit certifying his or her fitness for flight.

14. Security check:
Passengers and baggage (Including both checked and carry-on baggage) are subject to security check before flight.

15. Free baggage allowance:
Any passenger holding an adult-fare or half-fare ticket is entitle to free baggage allowance (checked and carry-on baggage) of 40kgs for first class, 30kgs for business class, and 20kgs for economy class. No free baggage allowance for those who hold infant tickets.

16. Carry-on baggage:
A first-class passenger may carry in his or her custody 2 pieces of articles. Business-class or economy-class passenger may carry in his or her custody 1 piece only. The size of each carry-on baggage shall not exceed 20¡Á40¡Á55cm and the hotel weight shall not exceed 5kgs. If the carry-on baggage exceeds the prescribed number, weight or size, it must be shipped as checked baggage.

17. Articles prohibited as baggage:
Passengers shall not take in their baggage items regulated by the Government as prohibited or restricted from carriage, dangerous, smelly or items which may, stain or cause damage to the aircraft. Passengers are not allowed to take controlled cutting tools as their baggage. Any sharp or blunt objects other than the controlled cutting tools can only be shipped as checked baggage.

18. Articles which should not be packed in the checked baggage:
Passengers shall not pack in their checked baggage confidential documents, classified materials, diplomatic pouches, securities and bonds, currencies, money order, valuable and perishable items, and other items that need special custody. Air China shall only be liable to compensate in normal value of baggage for the loss of or damage of the aforementioned.

19. Baggage packing:
The checked baggage should be packed properly, locked, fastened and can be piled on. Air China may refuse to accept for carriage if the baggage packing dose not conform the requirement.

20. Baggage compensation:
Air China will be liable for compensation in case of damage or the checked baggage. The amount of compensation shall not exceed RMB 100yuan per kg. If the value of the baggage is under RMB 100yuan per kg, the actual value is compensated.

21. Baggage value declaration:
If the value for the checked baggage is in excess of RMB 50yuan per kg, passengers may declare a value for their baggage and pay the declaration surcharge to Air China. The declared value for the baggage should not exceed its actual value but within the liability limit of RMB 8,000yuan per passenger. When such a baggage is lost or damaged, compensation shall be made according to its declared value.

22. Air China's liability for flight delay:
In case of delay or cancellation of flight at the point of departure, due to mechanical maintenance, alteration of flight commercial or air crew arrangement, meals and hotel accommodation for the passengers during the delay shall be provided by Air China in accordance with relevant regulations.

If such a delay or cancellation occurs at the point of departure for reasons beyond the control of Air China such as weather conditions, unexpected incident, air traffic control, security check, passengers, etc., Air China will assist passengers in board and lodging arrangement at the expense of the passengers.

23. Air China's liability for compensation:
Air China fixes a maximum amount of amount of compensation for body injures inflicted on the passenger in line with relevant regulations promulgated by the State Council.

24. Passenger's voluntary insurance:
Passengers are free to take an accident insurance policy on domestic air service. Payment under such insurance does not remit or reduce the compensation Air China is liable for.



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