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Foreign Enterprises May Select Employees Across China
A mutual-benefit acting agreement was recently signed between Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd. with 32 foreign enterprises service companies across China for bilateral human resources services. This means that nationwide standardized services of human resources are available for foreign enterprises provided they sign contracts with any of foreign enterprises service companies in such key cities as Beijing and Shanghai.

According to the agreement, both parties of the contract can be the master or the client and act as an agent for human resources services following the "ISO9000 Quality Standard". They can exchange information of policy, laws, regulations and market information of the local regions by getting in touch with the other party on the Internet.

Beijing Foreign Enterprises Service Company (FESCO) also signed similar acting agreement recently with major foreign enterprises services companies in China. The two leading companies in Beijing and Shanghai promoted human resources services to the whole country through strategic cooperation. It indicates that China has further strengthened its conception for putting clients in the first place in offering external services so as to answer the rigorous challenge in the human resources market.

Incomplete statistics show that by the end of 1999, the 72 member units of China Association of Foreign Service Trades had sent well over 60,000 employees to work in 13,000 foreign institutions in China.

(People's Daily 08/10/2001)

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