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Volkswagen to Produce Diesel-fueled Auto in China
Germany Volkswagen released Sunday at its 25th anniversary to celebrate the debut of its first diesel car that the FAW-Volkswagen will unveil its Jetta car equiped with SDA-diesel-engine in China in the first half of next year.

The project will make FAW-volkswagen the first automobile maker to adopt the technology of SDI diesel engine in China.

In 1975, Germany Volkswagen first installed diesel-fueled engine on its Golf car and for the past 25 years, company has produced diesel-engine cars able to reach the Europe IV Emission standard. By now, 90 percent of taxies in Germany are diesel-fueled cars.

The research and development (R&D) department of Germany Volkswagen noted that the brand-new diesel engine car features strong driving force, lower price and high-level environment-friendly. The company will speed up its process to manufacture this type of automobiles in an attempt to expand its market share in China's environment-friendly car market.

As to the prospect of diesel-fueled engines in China, the R&D department said modern diesel engine automobiles have not only demanded hi-tech but also high quality diesel. The company will promote its environment-friendly diesel engines to China, especially the technology of diesel-fueled automobile and will cooperate with China in research and production of high-quality diesel.

(People's Daily 08/13/2001)

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