Manned Spaceflight Project to Be Launched

China's civil aerospace project aims at forming a satellite public platform and two systems of new-generation carrier rockets, setting up an integrated comprehensive system satellite application, thus realizing the programs of aerospace science, deep-space exploration and manned spaceflight early this century.

October 8 saw "China Aerospace Industry Hi-Tech Forum" opened in Beijing. Luan Enjie, director of the State Aerospace Bureau (SAB), submitted his academic report, "Policy and Perspective of China Aerospace Development", to the forum in which he put forward a clear-cut target as mentioned above.

Luan said in his report that in the remote sensing field, China is to set up by and by a long-operational, stable and integrated network system for multiple purposes. In the field of satellite-navigation siting, it is to initially establish the industry for application so as to meet the domestic needs for satellite communication and preliminarily set up China's satellite communication industry and strive for entering into international market. The general ability and level of its carrier rockets is to be fully improved in order to create the model system of new-generation launching vehicles and enhance its competitiveness in international commercial launching services. And then it is to realize manned spaceflight, build up China's own manned aerospace system and develop aerospace research and carry out deep-space exploration with the stress laid on the moon detection. And finally on that basis it is to strive for a relatively important place for China in the study of world aerospace science so as to raise its deep-space exploration technology to a higher level.

(People's Daily 10/09/2001)

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