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Prospects of Doha Round Talks Not Clear
Although members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have resumed the Doha Round talks at the technical level, whether a breakthrough could be reached by next spring remains unclear, WTO chief Pascal Lamy has said.
China Calls for Revival of Doha Talks
In a meeting with visiting Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Pascal Lamy, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday expressed his concerns over the stalled Doha talks, urging developed nations to make concessions to revive the talks at an early date.
China Willing to Help Resume Doha Round Talks
The spokesman of China's Ministry of Commerce said Wednesday that the suspension of the Doha Round Talks is a regret for all sides and China is willing to work with all sides to resume the Doha Round talks.
WTO's Doha Round Talks Suspended
The Doha Round of global trade talks was suspended yesterday after key players in the World Trade Organization (WTO) failed again to reach a consensus on agriculture and industrial trade.
Trade Talks Should Conclude by Year's End
China will work with all World Trade Organization (WTO) members to conclude the current round of Doha global trade talks by year's end as scheduled, Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai said on Friday.
China Regrets Auto Tariff Complaint
China expressed regret on Friday over a complaint the US and the EU have jointly filed with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over China's tariffs for car imports.
EU Seeks Talks on China's Auto Parts Tariffs
The European Union (EU) on Thursday requested World Trade Organization (WTO) consultations on China's auto parts tariff rules which the EU claim are not compatible with China's WTO obligations.
Global Trade Talks Back on Track in HK
Trade diplomats at the World Trade Organization (WTO)'s ministerial conference in Hong Kong defied pessimistic forecasts by reaching a deal in global trade talks Sunday.
Lamy Appreciates China's Support for Poor Countries
The Chinese commerce minister had a hectic day of meetings yesterday as negotiators from 150 WTO member economies were locked in closed-door bilateral or multilateral meetings in a bid to break a deadlock on key issues.
Rich, Poor Members Differ over Focus of WTO Meeting
Great difference still exists between the developed and developing members as the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (Ito) went into its second day Wednesday.
Concerted Efforts Called for to Complete Doha Negotiations
Hong Kong of China, the host of the sixth WTO Ministerial Conference, has called on WTO members to do their utmost at the current meeting so that enough progress can be made to complete the final dash of 2006 deadline on the Doha Development Agenda (DDA).
China Calls for WTO's Special Concerns over New Members
Chinese Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai said Wednesday China has made remarkable contributions to world trade despite a relatively short WTO membership and appealed the organization to fulfill the special concerns of its new members.
6th WTO Ministerial Conference Opens in HK
Ministers from 149 members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) gathered in Hong Kong on Tuesday afternoon to open the Sixth Ministerial Conference in a new bid to push forward the stalled Doha Round trade talks.
China to Play Bigger Role in WTO Talks
Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai said yesterday that he expects the sixth WTO ministerial meeting to achieve progress in bringing more benefits to developing countries, adding that China was ready to make a mark in framing global trade rules.
Farm Subsidies Hold Key to Trade Talks
A new global trade deal cannot be reached without developed nations cutting agricultural subsidies, delegates to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference said yesterday.
WTO Needs Stronger Sense of Solidarity
Trade ministers of World Trade Organization (WTO) members will meet today at the opening of their conference in Hong Kong amid pessimism about possible outcomes and anxiety over protesters.
Substantive Progress Urged in WTO Talks
China looks to the World Trade Organization (WTO) talks to achieve substantive progress as the Hong Kong meeting is approaching.
Looking Ahead to HK WTO Conference
The 6th WTO Ministerial Conference to be held in Hong Kong next month aims to settle a range of questions that should shape the final agreement of the Doha Development Agenda. Sun Zhenyu, China's ambassador to the WTO gave Beijing Youth Daily his forecast for the upcoming meeting and what he thought would be a significant driver for a successful implementation to the Doha Development Agenda.
Hong Kong MC6 Key to Doha Talk: Official
John Tsang, Hong Kong's commercial and industrial chief, said Wednesday the WTO 6th Ministerial Conference (MC6) to be held in Hong Kong next month remains a key staging post towards the conclusion of the Doha Round by the end of 2006.
1,000+ NGOs to Attend HK WTO Meeting
Over 1,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been accredited to attend the WTO ministerial meeting in Hong Kong December 13-18, according to the Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology yesterday.
HK WTO Meeting Best Opportunity to Wind up Doha Round
WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy said in Hong Kong Sunday that "Hong Kong is not just another Port of Call for Doha round negotiations, it is our best opportunity to bring the round to conclusion by the end of 2006."
Turkey's WTO Proposal Unacceptable
China said Friday that Turkey's proposal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on textile is one-sided and unacceptable, according to officials close to the world trade body.
China Committed to Promoting Multilateral Trade System
Chinese Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai met with European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson in Beijing on Monday, a day before the WTO Informal Ministerial Meeting in Dalian.
WTO Informal Meeting Kicks off
Around 350 delegates from 30 members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will attend the WTO Informal Ministerial Meeting, scheduled to open in Dalian today.
2006 Deadline for Doha Talks is Feasible: Supachai
The head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) said in Hong Kong on Monday that the 2006 deadline for Doha talks is "feasible" but requires strong political determinations and compromises from all WTO members.
Asia-Pacific Agree Trade Tariff Stance
Asia-Pacific trade ministers agreed on Friday to a formula for calculating tariffs on non-agricultural goods as part of efforts to further World Trade Organization talks.
China Makes Proposals on Doha Trade Talks
Chinese Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai made a three-point proposal on the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) when he attended the ministerial meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris last Wednesday, a source with the Commerce Ministry News Office said Sunday.
Talks Seek Resolution to Rice Dispute
China and South Korea are expected to launch another round of talks to seek a resolution to South Korea's rice import system. South Korea was given a 10-year grace period to limit its rice imports to 4 percent of total domestic consumption, but this exemption expires at the end of this year. China currently exports about 100,000 tons of rice annually to South Korea.
WTO Deal on Farm Products Finally Made
The long-disputed issue of farm subsidies -- one that split the developed and developing world in WTO negotiations -- appears finally to be settled with the adoption of a framework agreement early Sunday. The agreement to slash farm subsidies and cut import duties is a key step toward the conclusion of a full global treaty. China, however, remains reserved in its praise for the deal that it helped to conclude.
Big Challenges ahead in Post- WTO Transitional Period
China hasn't met with severe challenges since its entry into the WTO two year ago, said Mr. Zhang Xiangchen, deputy director of WTO office with China Ministry of Commerce Nov. 29. However, with China's entering into the late transitional period and towards the terminal for fully opening up, China is going to face with a serious ordeal.
Non-market WTO Clause ups Dumping Charges against China
Experts say China should pursue the rights to be treated as a market economy by the World Trade Organization as some countries have used its initial 15-year non-market WTO membership to hike up anti-dumping measures against Chinese products.
WTO Rules Should Promote Open Global Trade System
Improving the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) should be conducive to advancing an open global trade system, safeguarding trade and investment liberalization as well as balancing development between cargo and service trade, a Chinese trade official said here Wednesday.
China Serious About Commitments to WTO
China is maintaining a serious attitude to fulfilling its commitments towards the World Trade organization (WTO), Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said Thursday during a regular press conference in Beijing.
Report Summarizes China's Implementation of WTO Obligations
China strictly implemented its obligations upon entry into the World Trade Organization in 2002, having efficiently completed tasks in the fields of cargo trade, service trade, intellectual property rights and investment, according to a book titled "China WTO Report - 2003" published in Beijing Wednesday.
SEZs Still to Play Pioneering Role in Post-WTO Entry Era: lawmakers
China's special economic zones (SEZs), which heralded in the decades-old reform and opening drive, would go on pioneering in some reforms although the country has entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the central government would stop giving them all the preferential policies that they had enjoyed, said some NPC deputies Tuesday.
Unified Income Tax Called for
Tax breaks enjoyed by foreign-invested companies in China are destined to come to an end, now that the country has become a member of the World Trade Organization, experts and government officials said.
China's Efforts on WTO Lauded
Vice-Minister Wen Jiabao said China and the United States should develop their relations from "a strategic point of view."
Impact of Australia's Anti-dumping Law Revision on China's Export Concerned
Trade experts expressed concern yesterday over Australia's anti-dumping law revision, which could affect China's exports.
China Has Been Honoring WTO Commitments: Financial Expert
As China moves to meet the criteria of the WTO accord, its relaxation of restrictions against foreign trade and investment has been largely applauded by the international community.
Experts: Logistics Business Needs Modernizing
China's logistics industry, seen as a key to unlocking the country's vast market opportunities, needs to be vigorously developed, say industry chiefs.
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