New Policy Helping College Graduates' Employment Promulgated

A new policy was lately promulgated as below by departments concerned under the Ministries of Education, Public Security, Personnel, and of Labor and Social Security to help college graduates achieve full employment in China:

1. Remove all limitations on college students' residence registration in provincial capitals and cities down below. College graduates, with diploma, employment agreement and check-in paper on hand, may register and report for work after their enlistment.

2. New jobless college graduates may have personal infomation gratis in the care of alma mater for two years until they find jobs within the period.

3. Ban all unreasonable illegal charges on college graduates finding work in a city or province.

Reliable sources say that a market-oriented, government-supervised, college-recommended, and bilateral-decided employment system for college graduates is being established. To work at grassroots level and in rural areas will be the main pattern to solve the country's employment problem. College graduates are encouraged to work in western regions and non-state-run enterprises. Meanwhile, once enlisted to render public service, the enrollees should be sent to work first in basis units at a grassroots level or enterprises for one to two years.

Statistical Data

College graduates in China will hit a record high number of 2.12 million in 2003 and as many as 2.5 million in 2004, according to the Ministry of Education.

In 2001, college and university graduates totaled 1.15 million: Graduates, undergraduates and technical school students enjoyed an employment rate of 80 percent, 95 percent and 40 percent respectively.

(People's Daily March 28, 2002)

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