China Making Progress in Producing Nuclear Power Equipment

The Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Works (SNMTW) has successfully manufactured reactor components for the second phase project at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, it was announced Saturday.

As nearly 90 percent of the components were domestically produced, China is now capable of independently manufacturing components for pressurized water reactors whose capabilities range from 300,000 to one million kilowatts.

Analysts say that this achievement shows the immense progress China has made in the production of nuclear power equipment.

According to experts, reactor components have a direct bearing on the life span of a power plant.

Measuring 9.98 meters (32.7 feet) in height and 3.6 meters (11.8 feet) in diameter, the structural unit, which contains the components, consists of more than 10,000 spare parts and weighs 116 tons.

Technicians from France's Framatome, a world famous nuclear power equipment manufacturer who were sent to Shanghai for quality control, highly praised the product after a professional inspection.

Being the only reactor component manufacturer in China, the SNMTW has produced reactor components for the first and second phases of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant in Zhejiang and the Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong.

(People's Daily April 1, 2002)

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