Railway on Roof of the World Uses Russian Knowhow

China will refer to Russian technology and knowhow in building the world's highest railway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, officials said in Shenyang on Thursday.

Construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway may face similar technical problems to those of the Siberian railway line, said Chen Chunyang, an official from the Chinese Ministry of Railways, at a current exhibition on Russian high tech.

Problems included how to lay rails on frozen soil and fix roadbeds in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was plagued with landslides, mudflows, karst rocks, earthquakes and thunderstorms, said Chen.

Building the railway required new materials and technology, and large machinery equipment, he said. "Russian technology and knowhow may help China solve these problems."

Russia's railway authorities expressed willingness to provide personnel and technical assistance to China, and called for more contacts between technical staff from both countries.

Construction of the 1,956-km-long (1.215-mi-long) railway started in June last year. At an average altitude of over 4,000 meters (13,123 feet), it is a landmark project in China's development of its vast western region.

(People's Daily April 26)

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