Typhoon 'Imbodu' Approaches Southern China

Tropical storm "Imbodu" is approaching southern China and is expected to strike the coast of Guangdong Province Wednesday night and Thursday, said the Central Meteorological Station (CMS) on Tuesday.

China to Draw 慐co-Map�

Each Chinese province, autonomous region and municipality has been requested to draw up an ecological map of surrounding areas based on environmental functions, so that communities can better manage their natural resources.

Environmental protection has been highlighted in Shanghai抯 infrastructure construction since 1990, with per capita green area expected to exceed 10 square meters by 2020.

Mainland Schools Attract Students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan

Among the 312 Taiwanese students in the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wang Bojun is quite special, as his mother is also one of his classmates.

Rainstorm Kills 70 in Central China

Seventy people have died during a rainstorm in several cities and counties in central China's Hunan province.

Research and Breeding Bases

The purpose of these research bases, also called the transfer protection of the giant pandas, is to enlarge the captive breeding population. The artificially bred pandas will return to nature finally to complement and expand the wild population. Therefore, the bases are supporting, supplementing and promoting the giant panda抯 habitats protection project.

Chinese Premier Puhes Efforts on Flood Control

Premier Zhu Rongji yesterday urged relevant departments to further reinforce the construction of flood-control projects and strengthen the protection of the environment. He said that preventing soil erosion and establishing a sound ecological environment are as important for fighting floods as building dykes.