China's Cloned Goat Yang Yang Pregnant Again

China's cloned goat Yang Yang was found to be pregnant on her second birthday which fell on Saturday.

Yang Yang was three months pregnant after mating with another cloned goat Ge Ge, according to a veterinarian at the animal center of the Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry Science.

The pregnancy proved a cloned goat reproduces the same as an ordinary goat.

Yang Yang was cloned from adult goat body cells by the university on June 22, 2000. It was China's second live cloned goat. The first died soon after it was born.

Yang Yang is the same as an ordinary goat with no sign of premature senility or stuntedness. It mated with another cloned goat Shuai Shuai and gave birth to twins on August 8, 2001.

(People's Daily June 24, 2002)

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