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Chinese Cartoon Industry Steps out of Depression

China's cartoon industry has stepped out of its depression.

Ever since the major animated film "Lotus Lantern" appeared on movie screens last year, it broke years of silence in China’s cartoon industry, and cartoon production has since shown rapid development.

In terms of quantity, over 19,000 minutes of cartoons will be made this year, compared with only 6,200 minutes last year.

Many cartoon producers have introduced new concepts in making cartoons as well. Shanghai Animated Film Studio, a major producer in China, took the initiative to put real actors together with cartoons in a film called "Keke's Magic Umbrella." Some cartoon producers turned cartoons into karaoke amusement videotapes.

Some of the latest techniques in making cartoons like remote control techniques have also been introduced.

Now, more than a dozen art institutes across the country have set up majors in animation.

More and more young people are becoming interested in cartoons. A network cartoon design competition this year, for example, attracted 5,000 submissions in a month's time.

(Xinhua 11/17/2000)

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