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China Produces First Robot for Tunnel Rock-Drilling

China's first robot for tunnel rock-drilling has passed the test and quality-check by specialists of the Intelligent Robot Research Group of the National 863 Plan in Changsha, capital of Hunan province in south China.

The development of the robot has put an end to China's dependence on importing such robots from foreign countries. The main technology has reached the advanced level of the same products in the world.

Seen on the spot is the robot with two huge arms, each holding a six-meter-long drill, which is able to bore holes on any hard rock. It can automatically work out the density of blast-holes to be bored and act according to the orders from the computer with its working surface reaching large as 90 square meters at maximum.

The robot will mainly be used for the tunnel drilling for capital constructions of such projects as railways, roads, in mines and for water conservancy works and hydropower stations, and so it has a bright future in both domestic and foreign markets.

(People's Daily 12/04/2000)

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