Ancient Silver Ingots Recovered in East China
2,000-year-old 'Animals' to Go Underground Again
Ancient Measuring Tool Unearthed in West China
Origin of Amur River Valley Civilization Explored
Ancient Finds Unearthed on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Signs of Prehistoric Man Found on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Tombs of Ancient Eunuchs Discovered in Beijing
Thousand-Year-Old Towns Lie Under Lake
Chinese People Wore Leather Shoes 2000 Years Ago
2,000-Year-Old Crop Seeds Discovered in NW China
Findings at Neolithic Kuahuqiao Site Open to Public
Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Discovered in Central China
Ancient Civilization Existed in South China: Findings
Efforts Called to Protect Heritage
Archaeological News in Brief
Over 2,200-Year-old Map Discovered in Gansu
Ancient Mummy Brought to Life Through Pictures
5,000-Year-Old Totem Discovered in East China
China's Oldest Percussion Instrument Discovered
Oldest Placental Mammal Fossil Found in China
China Finds Oldest Environmental Protection Rule
China Sets Up First Abacus Museum
Green-Faced Terracotta Warrior to Be Shown
China's Oldest Post Office Found Along Silk Road
First Pterodactyl Footprints Spotted in China
China Lays out Protection Plans for Peking Man Site
China Selects 'Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries in 2001'
China Finds Ancient Fresco Tomb
Meteorite May Confirm Legend
'Golden Spike' May Unveil Mystery of Mass Extinction
Tombs Give Clue to Ancient Tibet
Forum Digs in to Solve Relics Site Mystery
Ancient Ruins of Buildings Found at Ming Tomb
Mysterious Stele Believed to Be China's Oldest
Precious Ancient Tiles Found in North China
5,000-Year-Old Stone Sculptures Discovered in North China
1,300-Year-Old Ruins Unearthed at Three Gorges
Taiwan's Oldest High-Altitude Cultural Relics Unearthed
Ancient Sakyamuni Grotto Found in NW China
China Becomes One of World's Dinosaur Research Centers
Famed Ming Navigator 'Sails' Again
Beijing Takes Measures to Protect Cultural Relics
Mystery of Horse Gallops Over 2,500 Years
Dynasties Witness Rise and Fall of Chariots
200 Million-Year-Old Crocodile Fossils Found in China
Ancient National Mint Ruins in Shaanxi
New Evidence for Birds Coming From Dinosaurs
Diverse Treasure Hunting
Legal Side: Underwater Archaeology
Rare Objects Unearthed from Ancient Tombs

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