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Shandong Accelerates Nano-industry

The coastal province of Shandong recently worked out its blueprint for developing nano-meter industry.

As a major provider of natural resources and raw materials, Shandong will take advantage of nano technology in restructuring its traditional industries, a senior official said recently.

Besides, Shandong will establish a number of nano-meter research institutes to provide impetus to nano industry in the region.

Shandong is one of the earliest provinces in China to start research on nano technology. As early as in 1989, a nano material research institute was set up in Qingdao Chemical Industry Academy.

Actually, Shandong has already succeeded in introducing nano technology into industrial sectors. Haier, one of the country's largest home appliance producers, last year promoted a series of nano products including frige, TV and computer, the total sales volume of which has reached 300 million yuan.

Another nano technology developed by Shandong University in oil exploration has proved efficient in increasing well-digging speed and producing more petroleum with less harm to the rock core.

Half of the regions in Shandong have already introduced nano technology so far.

(People's Daily 04/02/2001)

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