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Books on China's WTO Entry Become Hot Sellers in Beijing

Books on China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) became hot sellers in bookstores in Beijing on the first day of China's WTO entry.

At the Xidan Book Emporium, the largest bookshop in Beijing, a WTO lecture was given Tuesday morning by Prof. Zhang Hanlin, a renowned economist, to mark the release of his book Zhang Hanlin Deciphering China's WTO Entry.

Over 300 different books on the WTO occupied the prime position in the downtown bookstore, which is selling 7,000 to 8,000 such books monthly, according to the store's sales staff.

The books explain to readers how much the WTO entry will influence the country and have titles such as Focusing on WTO, Dance with the Wolf -- China Enters WTO, WTO and Governmental Reform, WTO and Legal Services.

The WTO theme has been popular here for nearly two years, said Pan Kaixiong, chief-editor of the Beijing-based Economic Daily Publishing House. There are about 1,000 different books on the topic on the market. Most are selling well.

He said that it is understandable that readers are eager to improve their knowledge of the WTO, which they expect to guide them in their choice of jobs.

However, he pointed out that most of the books are basic introductions and deal in generalities about the matter, because they were published before specific details of China's WTO agreements were unveiled.

He advised readers to choose books written by well-known economists.

(Xinhua News Agency December 11, 2001)

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