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Plush Toys Fall Short of Standards

During a recent check-up on toys, 65.1 percent of the stuffed toy animals and dolls turned out to be substandard, the China News Service reported today. These toys could be hidden hazards to children, an official with the checkup group warned.

Up to 104 kinds of children’s toys sold at 67 department stores of six provinces and municipalities in China were targeted in the checkup, headed by the State Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Among the 43 kinds of stuffed toys inspected, only 15 kinds passed the test. Of the rest 61 kinds of plastic toys targeted, 50 kinds were standard ones. The substandard rate of these two groups of toys are 34.9 percent and 82 percent respectively.

Officials of the checkup group expressed their discontent over these toys. “The toys, especially the plush ones, are so dirty that even one touch by the children will bring them a lot of bacteria,” one of the officials said.

“Tear the toys open, and you will find wastepaper scraps, used threads, and even plastic eye-balls and noses of other thrown away toys,” another official added, “they are all dirty.”

“What’s more, the stuff adhered to the face of the animals, such as eyes, noses and mouths, are loosely seamed to the main body of the toy,” more complain goes, “these loosely added parts could be torn off easily, and if children swollen them, it could be very dangerous.”

(www.eastday.com 05/22/2001)

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