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Chemical Spill Under Control

A chemical spill in the Luohe River in Central China's Henan Province that killed livestock and put the health of residents at risk has been brought under control by thousands of soldiers, police and members of the community.

They built two dams across the river with a total length o f 4 km over the weekend after 11 tons of chemical materials leaked into the Luohe River following a traffic accident last Thursday afternoon.

The chemical dispersed was liquid sodium cyanide, 0.3 gram of which can be enough to kill an adult. The latest reports indicated that one person had been poisoned.

More than 500 tons of disinfectants such as bleaching powder and calx have been poured into the river around the accident site and along the dams, local media reported.

Statistics from 11 newly-established water detection stations showed pollution has been restricted to just a few km of the river between the accident spot and the two dams.

The water in the lower reaches of the river is not seriously polluted but was still being closely monitored.

The reason for the accident is still under investigation but six suspects have been arrested by police.

(China Daily November 5, 2001)

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