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A special fashion show was presented recently by graduating students of LaSalle-DHU International Design College.

"Fashion works are designed with the widest imagination and creativity. They follow closely the latest fashion trends and are of great market potential and value," explained Hans Shi, who teaches at the college.

"Students are eager to make a career breakthrough. They are like a pupa waiting in its cocoon for rebirth, ultimately becoming a butterfly. That's why they have agreed to give this name to the show."

In their Seam Displacement series, by applying an extraordinary cutting and tailoring technique, students were able to displace seams, pleats and gathers for a new look.

The inspiration comes from Picasso's painting style, giving a more elegant and stylish look to the garments, said student Li Qiongfang.

"For me, garments are not only a necessity but also a way to express our true selves, our daily mood, our fantasies," said Turkish graduate Adile Basat Cretallaz. "We don't create garments, we create costumes."

In her collection Limelight Generation, the designer tells us how to look glamorous with limited funds.

Therefore, the most daring and richest color of all time, namely Burgundy, was chosen. A little touch of champagne gave complexity to sleek, fluid cuts.

The use of fabrics such as Thai silk, fur and stretch cotton brings diversity to the texture. Detachable sleeves, reversible jackets, transformable caps, drapes held up with snap buttons are not only user-friendly, but give people freedom.

Zhang Ying, the designer for a flamboyant collection, said her inspiration came from South American culture. The garments are accented with colorful strings, laces and ruffles.

"Mixed with colorful fabrics, my idea for the design came from a photo of Latin dancers," Zhang said. "I hope the extremely friendly and colorful garments projecting an image of freedom will help people forget difficult times in 2001 and promote happiness in summer 2002."

Gu Yuqing plays a game with Scottish tartan checks.

"I just want to know what results it will show when Scottish tartan checks meet tropical patterns and when traditional fabrics meet funky cutting," she said.

The result is that they match with each other well. The Scottish fabric is rediscovered and reinvented from its traditional usage for men's kilts to give us designs that are modern, trendy and full of fun.

The only male graduating student in the fashion show, Ma Qi, gives two series of totally different designs.

One is a collection with dresses in black and white geometric patterns decorated with black leather and metal ornamental nails.

"Get out from your square life and feel everything around you!" Ma exclaimed. "The collection aims to release the wildness inside your heart."

Another collection is totally natural with natural fabrics like ramie, natural colors such as green and yellow, and a simple cut.

In short, this is a really feminine collection for real women.

( Shanghai Star January 8, 2002)

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