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Chinese Kids Admire Scientists Most

To become a scientist is still the dream of many Chinese children and their mothers, according to a questionnaire, eastday.com reported today.

The survey shows that 26.6 percent of Chinese mothers want their children to become scientists in the future, and 28.12 percent of the children surveyed consider scientist as their ideal job.

Some 19.1 percent of the mothers wanted their children to become an entrepreneur, 15.08 percent chose teacher as their children’s future job, while 12.46 percent of the mothers want to foster their children to become artists. On the other side, 11.79 percent of the children themselves want to become entrepreneurs, 16.92 percent hope to become teachers, and 16.56 percent children put artists as their first choice.

Knowledge is the most important thing in the new economy period, said a mother. Wu Wenjun, a famous mathematician has become their icon, said a child.

Up to six years ago, the ideal jobs parents and children considered were movie stars or company bosses.

(eastday.com 03/08/2001)

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