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China Calls for the Advancement of Sino-US Ties

China appreciates the efforts of US President Bill Clinton in improving Sino-US relations during his presidency and calls for sustained efforts from both sides for the advancement of Sino-US ties in the new century.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi made the remarks at Tuesday's press conference in response to a relevant question raised by a journalist.

During the past eight years, Chinese President Jiang Zemin exchanged views with Clinton on Sino-US relations as well as major international issues at various occasions, Sun said.

Such frequent contacts have helped to stabilize, improve and push forward Sino-US ties, he added.

He noted that with joint efforts, China and the US concluded the 13-year-long negotiations for China's accession into the World Trade Organization and reached a win-win accord in this regard as well as in permanent normal trade relations.

The development of Sino-US relations during the past eight years has benefited the two peoples, and promoted peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region as well as the whole world, Sun said.

He said Sino-US relations face good opportunities for further development at the turn of the century, as long as the leaders of the two countries take a long-term and strategic view of the issue, observe the three joint communiques and aim for the common interests of the two peoples, Sun said.

(People’s Daily 11/21/2000)

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