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Sino-US Judicial Assistance Treaty Filed to Legislature for Approval

The China-US Agreement on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters reached on June 19 this year was filed to the National People's Congress Standing Committee in Beijing Friday for ratification.

Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji said in a bill to the legislature that the agreement was reached on the basis of drafts put forward by the two governments and through friendly negotiations.

"The content of the agreement confirms to the basic principles of the Chinese legal system, practices in criminal justice and norms of international practices," Zhu said.

The agreement also meets the fundamental interests of China and its practical needs, and the ratification and implementation of the agreement will be conducive to the judicial cooperation of the two countries and further development of their bilateral ties, he said.

Deputy foreign minister Yang Wenchang explained the content of the agreement to lawmakers.

The agreement includes mutual assistance in service of documents, in investigations and taking evidence, as well as assistance in freezing, seizure and forfeiture proceedings.

(Xinhua 12/22/2000)

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