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News Updates
- Police seize 7 illegal DVD production lines
- New approach to patent trials
- Judge guarantees fair play in all IPR cases
- China to issue IPR strategy in 2008
- IPR protection to be expanded
- China taking 'right steps' to protect IPR
- China, EU to launch detailed IPR Action Plan
- China to build platform for Internet IPR monitoring
- Over 60,000 IPR infringement cases handled in past 5 years
- More efforts needed to protect IPR
- National strategy on IPR coming soon
- Senior official: Intellectual property issues not to be politicized
- Top IPR official pledges to prevent Olympic piracy
- Hard line against product rip-offs
- University Student Sues Microsoft for Invasion of Privacy
- More Support for Firms in IPR Disputes
- Shoemakers Told to Pay Nike Compensation
- China 'Regrets' US Complaint to WTO
- China Seizes over 200 Illegal Production Lines of Discs
- China, US Police Bust Pirate Gangs
- Nation's IPR Efforts Lauded
- National Strategic Plan on IPR Protection Soon
- China, US Customs to Swap IPR Data
- Progress in KTV Battle as Operators Pay Royalties
- Consultations to Handle US IPR Complaints
- IPR Policy Gains Good Report
- Guangdong Committed to Fighting Fakers
- Everyone's Equal on IPR
- TV Makers Team up to Challenge US Patent Charge
- US Carrot, Not Stick, Key to IPR Protection
- Yahoo! China Loses Music Download Case
- 10 Steps to IPR Protection
- China Must Be Ready to Play the WTO Game
- Customs Reveals Its Best Busts in 2006
- China to Issue New Plan to Protect Olympic Logo
- Online Book Buying Can Violate Copyright Law
- China Confiscates Millions of Pirated Products in 2006
- US Complaints Against China Not conducive to Solving Problems
- EU Refuses to Join US WTO Case Against China
- Public Urged to Fight Against Piracy
- Massive Numbers of Pirated Materials Destroyed
- Pirated Materials Destroyed Across China
- China Considers IPR Dialogue with US
- US Eager for Quick Success by Filing WTO Piracy Case
- US Criticized for WTO Complaints over Piracy
- China Regrets US WTO Action over IPR Issue
- Yunnan KTVs Join Fee Campaign
- Net to Prosecute IPR Pirates Widened
- China Passes New Measure to Prosecute IPR Pirates
- Foreigners Permitted to Attend Chinese IPR Trials
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Related Organizations
- State Intellectual Property Office
- General Administration of Press and Publication
- General Administration of Customs
- Ministry of Public Security
- State Forestry Administration
- Local Administration for Patent
- Local Administration for Trademark
- Local Administration for Copyright
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