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  Mass Sports and Number of Athletes in Grades
  Newly-Built Stadiums and Gymnasiums
  Number of Athletes and Referees with Grades by Type of Sports (2002)
  World Records Chalked up by Chinese Athletes by Event (2002)
  World Championships Won by Chinese Athletes
  Visits Between Chinese and Foreign Sports Delegations


New progress was made in sports arena. In 2003, Chinese athletes won 87 world championships. Nine athletes and one team broke 16 world records on 19 occasions. In some ball games, the Chinese teams made new breakthroughs. The Chinese women's volleyball team beat all rivals to win the World Cup Championship title and the Chinese women's hockey team chalked up second place in the World Cup Championship.

The national fit-keeping program witnessed vigorous development. Mass sports flourished in 2003, playing an active role in the fight against SARS and guiding people to exercise scientifically. The government continued increasing investment in construction of exercise facilities for average citizens, while further improving related systems. During the year, the State General Administration of Sport, together with governments at provincial and county levels, injected 653.6 million yuan to build 955 exercise corridors, six exercise centers and 397 sport clubs for children and teenagers.

Chinese athletes prepare for the Athens Olympiad. By February 26, 2004, Chinese sportsmen had participated in preliminaries of 28 sports in the Athens Olympic program, and 256 people had qualified to compete in the finals of 140 events of 20 sports in Athens.

Anti-doping regulations took effect. The fight against performance-enhancing drugs is a shared mission in international sport circles. China has always taken an active part in it. On January 13, 2004, the State Council promulgated the country's first anti-doping regulations, which became effective on May 1. The Chinese Government honored its international responsibilities and commitments to the international organizations in this action, fully showing its sincerity in the war on drug users in sports. China therefore becomes one of a few countries in the world to enact a special anti-doping statute.