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  Number of Institutions and Personnel in Culture, Arts and Cultural Relics (2003)
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  Number of Books, Magazines and Newspapers Published in China


Key cultural infrastructures were enhanced. In the past five years, nationwide investment in cultural infrastructures totaled 10.77 billion yuan, greatly improving conditions in this field. A group of cultural projects have been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission or have started, including the construction of the National Grand Theater, the National Museum, the second-phase construction of the National Library and the National Digital Library, and expansion of the theater of the National Theater Co. of China and the China National Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the repair of the Forbidden City and the Potala Palace. Total appropriations for these projects are estimated at 9 billion yuan, of which 1.2 billion yuan has already been used. A nationwide cultural information-sharing project has also been launched.

From 1998 to 2003, the central budget allocated 400 million yuan for cultural undertakings across the country, offering fixed assistance to 700 impoverished counties in 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and building 201 county-level publicity and culture centers, 1,525 township publicity and culture stations and 100 village culture rooms.

Cultural undertakings made steady progress. At the end of 2003, there were 2,587 art performing groups, 2,892 culture centers, 2,708 public libraries and 1,519 museums in China. In addition, the country had 282 radio broadcasting stations, 744 medium and short wave radio transmitting and relaying stations, 320 general television stations and 62 education television stations. Subscribers to cable television programs numbered 105.08 million. In the same year, 140 feature movies, 61 scientific, educational, documentary or cartoon films and one special movie were produced. National and provincial newspapers issued 24.36 billion copies; magazines, 2.99 billion copies; and books, 6.75 billion copies. There were 3,978 archives in China where 55.83 million documents were made accessible to the public.

Publication distribution market was opened to foreign businesses. As of May 1, 2003, overseas investors were formally allowed to invest in retail of books, newspapers and periodicals in China. The Regulations on the Management of Foreign-funded Distribution Enterprises of Books, Newspapers and Periodicals, which were issued by the State Press and Publication Administration and the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, prescribed specific provisions on setting up wholesale or retail enterprises by foreign investors. For a wholesaler, the registered capital shall be no less than 30 million yuan, while the minimum registered capital for a retailer is 5 million yuan.

China ranks third in terms of the number of world heritage sites. By the end of 2003, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization listed a total of 754 natural and cultural heritage sites in 129 countries throughout the world. China, with 29, ranks third on the list. The country acceded to the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1985. Of its 29 sites, 21 are cultural, four natural and four mixed. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Taishan Mountain, Huangshan Mountain and Jiuzhaigou Valley are all included. From June 28 to July 7, 2004, the 28th session of the World Heritage Committee will be held in Suzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province.

International bidding was invited for the National Museum. On February 19, 2004, the National Museum on the eastern side of the Tiananmen Square in central Beijing invited bids worldwide for the architectural design of its 150,000-square-meter restructuring and expansion project. The winning design must meet four requirements: not to change the current exterior appearance, to complete the project before the end of 2007, to have two main gates on the west and north of the complex respectively, and to rebuild the two courtyards into botanical greenhouses where visitors can take a break.