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Cartoons in China
Cartoon fans were unwilling to part with their favorite cartoon figures as the First International Animation and Cartoon Festival in China closed in Hangzhou on June 5.
Cartoon Deals with AIDS
Animation Projects Encouraged
China's First Digital Info College Opens
Cartoon Mythological Pig on TV Nationwide
Shanghai Offers PC Games and Cartoons to Students
Cartoon Nostalgia Sweeps China
Breathing New Life into Chinese Animation
Bu Hua, Flash Animator
PC Games, Cartoons to Enter Classrooms
Cartoonist Pioneers Comic Book Market
International Cartoon Week Kicked Off in E China
Program for Better Animation
Comic Carnival 2004 Held in Beijing
Animated Life
Chinese Cartoonists Tackle Thorny Issues
Animation Center Ready for Launch
McDull the Piglet Makes a Return to the Big Screen
Cartoonist Mao Xiaole
US Kids' TV Giant Eyes Market in China
Children's Channel Now on Air
Animation, Comic Fiesta Under Way
Cartoon Adaptations Gain Popularity: Film and TV
Animated Lovers
Chinese Mainland, Taiwan Co-make Cartoon
Paper-cut Animated Films
Traditional Ink-and-Wash Animated Films
Cartoon Industry Tries to Shake off Rivals
Shadow Art Used to Animate Cartoon Industry
Chinese Cartoon Industry Steps out of Depression
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Cosplay, an amalgamation of the words, "costume" and "play," originated in Japan and has become an international subculture in recent years. Cosplayers typically dress up as characters from animated films (anime), comics (manga) or video games and attend role-playing parties to enjoy themselves and elicit admiration for their outfits. It bears many similarities to the costuming for science fiction conventions or Renaissance fairs popular in North America and Europe.
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