Road Tragedy in Shanxi

On November 14, 2005 a heavy-duty truck runs into students jogging along a highway in Qinyuan County, north China's Shanxi Province, killing 20 students and one teacher. The very day the tragedy occurring, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education issued emergency orders preventing students from jogging or doing their exercises on the streets and highways, and demanded safety inspections of all schools.

· Search for Missing People Going in N. China Road Accident
· Bus Runs into Yellow River, 27 Missing
· Two Road Accidents Kill 23, Injure 28
· Collision Kills 24 on Beijing Expressway
· Road Tragedy Exposes Gaping Holes in Education Funding
· Sleeping Driver Killed 21 in Shanxi
· Traffic Accident Kills 17, Injures 3 in SW China
· Road Tragedy Kills 20 Students, 1 Teacher
· Traffic Accident Kills 6, Injures 22 in Guizhou
· Expressway Accident Kills 15 in Jiangsu
· Traffic Accident Kills 7 in Hunan
· Bus Accident Kills 22 in Zhejiang
· Highway Accidents Kill 25 in Gansu, Guangxi
· Road Accidents Kill 133 in 1st Four Days of National Day Holiday
· Harder Driving Tests Nationwide
· 2 Traffic Accidents Kill 60 in Qinghai, Liaoning
· Road Accident Kills 54 in Qinghai
· Road Accidents Claim 96,870 Lives

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