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Laws and Regulations
The Chinese Constitution stipulates that the State protects rare animals and plants. The government has enacted and implemented relevant laws and regulations, including the Law of the Forest, Law on the Protection of Wildlife, and Law of Environmental Protection. In 1987, the National People抯 Congress ratified a supplement of the Penal Code to effectively punish the illegal activities of poaching and smuggling of giant pandas.
Habitats Protection
Due to the importance of protecting the wild population of giant pandas and their habitats, 34 nature reserves have been built in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces from 1963 to the present, covering an area of 1.76 million hectares or 4.35 million acres. This laid a solid foundation for the protection of pandas.
Research and Breeding Bases
The purpose of these research bases, also called the transfer protection of the giant pandas, is to enlarge the captive breeding population. The artificially bred pandas will return to nature finally to complement and expand the wild population. Therefore, the bases are supporting, supplementing and promoting the giant panda抯 habitats protection project.
International Cooperation
The giant panda is loved worldwide for its unique image and meek temperament. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has used image of the giant panda as its logo since its founding in 1961. People all over the world hope that giant pandas can co-exist with humans forever. Most of cooperation projects in scientific research have been taken in hand by the China Wildlife Conservation Association since the 1990s.
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